Dental Implants Facts

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Dental Implants are great. Or at least they can be. There are many things about implants you need to know before you decide to place one or more in your mouth.

An implant is man’s attempt to replace his teeth that were either missing or extracted for many different reasons. It generally is a cylinder with many different faces depending on manufacturer made mainly from titanium. Different manufacturers have different additions for improving the implant’s ability to withstand biting forces and improving function.

For an implant to succeed there are several factors that need to be considered:

1) Implants must be placed in bone completely so you need enough bone in the right place to place it. When there is not enough, there are procedures in place to add bone to ensure there is enough to hold the implant securely.

2) There cannot be any infection in the bone or surrounding tissue where the implant is to be placed.

3) There are medical considerations that must be addressed such as osteoporosis and other conditions that have a large effect on long-term success for the implant. These must be discovered, discussed and treated before placement.

4) Cleanliness – The patient must commit to themselves their sincere efforts to keep the implant clean by brushing, flossing and rinsing or it will fail. The singular attachment of an implant is not the same strength as normal teeth, so if you allow plaque and tarter to build up, you will lose bone attachment to the implant and the implant will move and possibly come out.

Remember the old adage- Cleanliness is next to Godliness. So if you have to do your part of cleaning at home and see your dentist at least every 6 months to make sure the implant continues to do well or can be corrected easily enough.

As a side note, the kind and purpose of the implant is a huge consideration. Will you have a make at a  matched attachment or a screwed in system. Each has aspects that need to be thought of. The design of where and what and how many and what kind of heads to be placed are all valid questions that must be decided upon before placement of the implants.

5) Finances – Today, some insurance companies will cover the implants. Some not. You will have to talk with your agent so they can look up the ADA Codes to see if there is any coverage. Blue Cross / Cigna / Delta Dental / Met Life etc,  all have multiple policies with all sorts of inclusions and exclusions so you need to do your homework before committing to the procedure. The cost of the implants varies as to the type, number, and other considerations so there is no panacea for this and your insurance company may or may not cover them.

Understand that all implants must undergo a certain amount of time in the bone to mature the bone around them. They usually get covered up and allowed to integrate into the bone before a load (Biting) is placed on top.

6) Patience – A key ingredient to implant success is to let it mature and to get them cleaned by a dentist professional at least every 6 months.

Dental Implants can be great but you have to take your time to know all the problems and indications for these things.  The better you do your homework, the better the results for you and the end result can make you happier and more normal functioning person in this great world of implants.

We here at Huch Family Dentistry in Goose Creek, SC are happy to educate, consult, and restore your teeth to get you where you want be for the long term duration. Give us a call if we can be helpful to you and your dental needs.

Tips for Clean and Healthy Teeth

Clean and healthy teeth are not only important for your overall health but they can also make or break your appearance. This is the reason that people have been giving much importance to their teeth and making an effort to get that perfect smile (the best accessory one can wear). According to a research study, Americans spend more than $1.4 billion every year to buy over-the-counter teeth whitening products. In an effort to have whiter and healthier teeth, many people tend to ignore the possibility of suffering from the side effects that over-the-counter products and medicines can cause if used without consulting a dentist. This article discusses some of the ways through which one can achieve perfectly clean, white and healthy teeth.

Buy a Good Quality Tooth Brush And Do Not Over Use It

The quality of the toothbrush that you use to clean your teeth plays a key role in oral health. While you may be tempted to buy the toothbrush that is available at a low price rather than the expensive one, you should not ignore the harm it can cause. The poor quality of bristles can actually harm the enamel of your teeth and they can be harsh on your gums too. Also, it is really important to change the toothbrush after every 2-3 months. Using a toothbrush for a longer period of time means it becomes a source of transferring germs to your mouth rather than serving its original purpose.

Avoid Foods That Are Harmful For Your Teeth

If you want to get clean and healthy teeth, you need to limit the consumption of foods that contribute to dirty teeth. These include wine, soda, carbonated drinks and cigarettes. They not only affect the color of teeth but also negatively impact oral health over time. Replace all such foods with those that work as natural cleaners and remove bacteria from your mouth. Apple is one such fruit that is really good for the teeth and overall oral health.

Try Oil Pulling

Although many people are still suspicious about the effectiveness of this technique, a lot of people swear by it. In addition to numerous other health benefits, oil pulling, especially when done with coconut oil, is told to be highly beneficial for oral health. It is not only said to give clean, white teeth but it also removes all kinds of bacteria from your mouth and hence proves to be good for the gums as well (we all know about the anti- microbial properties of coconut oil). The technique is simple. Put around a tablespoon of coconut oil in your mouth and swish it around for 15-20 minutes. Then, throw it out and brush regularly.

Visit a Dentist Regularly

In addition to following the above-mentioned tips, it is really important to regularly get your teeth checked by a qualified dentist. This is important because there might be some dental or other oral problems you may not have noticed. Only a qualified dentist has the right skills and tools to identify if there are any serious problems with your teeth or gums and how to treat them.

If you are looking for a reliable and a highly qualified Dentist in Goose Creek SC, look no further than Huch Family Dentistry. They have the most experienced Dentists in Goose Creek SC for all your family members, no matter they are children, adults or elderly. For further details, contact Huch Family Dentistry at (843)-797-0782.




The Best Advice from Dentists on Dental Care

Free advice is not always welcome, especially when it is regarding your health. But, there are times when you think that a professional guidance may be required, especially when you are having severe tooth problems. Dentists have various theories about why toothache happens and what must be done to prevent the ache in the first place. The problem is, people only understand the problem when they face the problem and not before that. Brushing twice a day and flossing your teeth are some of the basic things that you have learnt when you were a kid. Simply following these two things are not enough when you are growing old. There are more precautions that you need to take.

Be Careful

Apart from the fact that you need to floss and brush, you should also keep in mind about the things that you are putting in your mouth. Of course, you will not be putting anything and everything. It only means the type of food that you are eating or the stuff that you are drinking. Foods that are filled with sugar such as soft drinks or cake or candy will slowly build a lot of plaque and these will stick to your teeth. A Goose Creek dentist once said that, children who love cake, soft drinks and candy would more likely to have more and more plaques sticking on their teeth and that would lead to some serious pain in a few months. Now, for the free advice that many people would want to ignore: instead of eating so much of cake and candy, it would be better to have fresh vegetables and fruits and also drink a lot of water.

Using of mouth wash and breath mints has become very common these days. These products may claim to offer immediate freshness, but they are actually not good for the teeth. If you really want to get rid of the bad breath from your mouth, start taking care of your teeth. Anything that gives you an immediate fix always has side effects in the long run. So, it is time you start avoiding all the artificial products.

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