As a dentist in Goose Creek, SC there is a lot of talk of what to use to help keep clean your teeth, gums and tongue.  I am a great advocate of cleanliness and I recommend products that have the ADA seal on them.  They have proven to be sound science and have predictable results, which is a good thing.  There are others out there that claim great benefits and there could be some truth to what they say, but it could not deliver the results you expect when you expect and there could be more harm than good.  People have used baking soda for a long time, but my questions is,  how much do you use and for how long and what happens if something looks different than what you expect?  What is the remedy?  Some people think if a little is good, more must be better – just as Joey Chesnut with how many hot dogs are good?  Bottom line, please clean your mouth carefully and thoroughly but safely with products endorsed by the ADA.  It is a safe and health bet.

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