How Often Do You Really Need To Clean Your Teeth?

The health and appearance of your teeth really depends on how well you take good care of them on a daily basis, which is why our  dentist in Goose Creek SC recommends regular professional teeth cleaning to ensure you create a healthy oral hygiene routine. The real question is “How Often you really need to clean your teeth? ” Surprisingly the answer is not as obvious as you may think and here’s why.

Brushing your teeth on a daily basis, twice a day and flossing is not only important for the look of your teeth but it is very important for the health of your gums. Although, brushing your teeth is an essential routine it is not the only step you should take to have a great, healthy smile.

In order, for you to have a healthy smile you need to get your teeth professionally cleaned. Getting your teeth professionally cleaned helps remove plaque, tartar and bacteria buildup that a regular toothbrush is no longer able to remove no matter how hard you try. Your dentist or dental hygienist are trained to use professional tools that remove all traces of plaque in your mouth that may cause odor but also any debris your teeth, gums and tongue may have accumulated.

Over time debris accumulates in our teeth, gums and tongue that cannot be seen with the naked eye or removed with a simple toothbrush. That is when a professional dentist in Goose Creek SC will come in handy. Your dentist is able to remove all bacteria and guide you in the right direction to maintain your teeth.

Nonetheless, with regular oral hygiene you are able to remove most plaque, tartar and bacteria buildup. Regular dental cleaning is necessary keep your teeth and gums in the best shape possible. Many of our patients at goose creek sc dentist have asked us a very popular question “How often do you really need to clean your teeth?” The answer is not that simple as everyone’s oral health is different. However, according to the board of American Dental Association, you are required to visit your dentist once a year for a regular check up and once every 6 months for a dental cleaning.

This is a general answer as it ultimately depends on the health of your teeth and gums if you suffer from any dental diseases. If you do you should get your teeth cleaned more often to prevent any infections or diseases from reoccurring. Diseases such as diabetes or heart disease have all been linked to dental problems which is why it is recommended you visit your dentist more often if you suffer from any of these.

We take your oral hygiene seriously which is why we do not have a specific number as to how often you need your teeth cleaned. Instead we believe it varies from patient to patient. If you do feel any discomfort or feel as if you have plaque or tartar that you cannot remove with a regular toothbrush, you can always give us a call and schedule a deep teeth clean.

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